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Hey, Rube! is aligned with the Steel Tiger recording label out of Hull and Sheffield.


Can You Hear Me Mutha? is now available on Bandcamp for 5 English pounds, though you can pay more if you wish. 31/01/2013

Electronic Rumors

February 25, 2013

"A glorious example of what happens when two talents are left to create freely."

See the complete Electronic Rumors review of Can You Hear Me Mutha?

Josef Sedloň

"Stunning and entertaining cooperation between two icons of electronic music."

See Josef's Radio 1 Prague Tracklist which includes 'Rapture' by Hey, Rube!

Hey, Rube! on SoundCloud

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External link to Hey, Rube! on Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/heyrube

StevoMusicMan review of 2012

StevoMusicMan listed 'Can You Hear Me Mutha?' as his 4th best album of 2012. See the full list at stevomusicman

"From just looking at the cover you know that this album is going to be fun to listen to. It's another which gets regular playing time by moi. Two musicians that just about found the perfect groove." StevoMusicMan 20/12/12

Magazine Sixty

October 26, 2012

"The mere fact of a collaboration between Cabaret Voltaire's Stephen Mallinder and Fila Brazillia's Steve Cobby should speak volumes in itself...And it should also come as little surprise that the two names involved infuse their music with a hugely diverse set of influences, from industrial noise to Dub, to Afro-funk and Jazzy beyond...In fact the albums diversity is its strength, plus of course the ingenious use of sound and production that clearly set Can You Hear Me Mutha?...apart."

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October 22, 2012

"My favorite track is most definitely Pimpdaddy, i play it again and again. Enough said, listen to this gem."


Quantum Bleep

October 15, 2012

"For those of you who don't know, a few years back, out of the ashes of perhaps one of Britains greatest labels 'Pork Recordings' rose Steel Tiger Records, still one of my favourite labels they have played host to some stellar releases from The Cutler, Chieftain and now this monster from Hey Rube!... The album is released today (15/10/2012), if you don't buy it, then shame on you!"


October 13, 2012

"This is really a wonderful breeze through the minds of two muso's given free rein to explore their vast knowledge of music. I could listen to this again tomorrow and come out a totally different yet enthusiastic review. 9/10"

Renegades Of Jazz

"Dunno why but i love this album"

Buying 'Can You Hear Me Mutha?'


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Can You Hear Me Mutha?

MundoVibe Oct 4, 2012

"Tight and exquisitely arranged production sees Hey, Rube! deliver an electronic blend of dance-floor monsters and disco-style bangers, as well as beautiful downtempo compositions, g-funk'esque grooves and dub elements. For a record containing so many styles, it bonds wonderfully and takes the listener on a fantastic journey into the greater realms of contemporary electronic music."

Hey, Rube! album cover

Mallinder / Skrufff

'Stephen Mallinder - I Work to Live and I Live to Make Music' interview for the Jonty Skrufff blog... Jonty Skrufff is an international DJ, journalist, producer and blogger.

Access the interview

Hey, Rube!

Stephen Mallinder on Steve Cobby and working together as Hey, Rube!: "We have known each other for years, nearly 30 years and have worked together for at least 15 years. As Steve and I are based hundreds of miles apart, getting to the Hey, Rube! album release has been a slow burn, but it is here now! - we are very good friends and working is a welcome extension of that, yes!"

'Can You Hear Me Mutha?' release date

The new album will be out on the 15th of October 2012.

Can You Hear Me Mutha?

Someone can...

"Wow, what a sonic attack on the senses nothing like I have heard on a while... it is like that big gobstopper that willy wonka made in 'Charly and The Chocolate Factory', as you suck on it you get various flavours at different times all wrapped into one. Quality. Absolutely love 'Mengi Dem Disco Leggy'!" Steve Bignell

Hey, Rube! is

A sonic collaboration between Stephen Mallinder and Steven Cobby, Sheffield meets Hull again. Trainers and whizzer's on the Steel Tiger label.

You can 'Like' (and more) Hey, Rube! on Facebook if you want to.

Steve and Stephen gimped

Stephen Mallinder

Stephen Mallinder is a founder member of pioneering electronic act 'Cabaret Voltaire' - regarded by many as one of the key influences on contemporary electronic and popular music culture. Read more about Stephen Mallinder on the Steel Tiger website.

Steven Cobby

Steven Jon Cobby is a musician, composer, producer, and occasional DJ. He is (amongst many things) also one half of 'The Cutler', and 50% of 'Fila Brazillia'.

Find out more about Steven Cobby on the Steel Tiger website.

Hey, Rube! was

A 'carny' rallying call for a fight with outsiders (non-circus folk), the name / phrase was also used as the codename for a 1980s United States Navy electronic warfare exercise.

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